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Mission & Philosophy

Great Beds. No Bull.

We pride ourselves on a strong philosophy and mission so that we are always keeping our customer's needs at the forefront of our business.

Our Mission

At The Original Mattress Factory, our mission is simple:

Quality and Value

Produce quality mattresses in our own factory and sell them directly to consumers, eliminating the middleman and providing real value.


Be courteous to our customers and educate them about the product they are buying.


Always strive for the win-win solution in dealings with customers, fellow employees and suppliers.

This means that you can take your time and shop around without having to worry about being pressured. You can tour our factory, ask questions and compare our brand to other national brands, feature for feature. By learning more about mattress and box spring construction, you can understand exactly what you're getting for your money and make an informed buying decision. More importantly, you can feel confident that you've chosen the best mattress and received the best value. Visit one of our nearest Original Mattress Factory Stores and see for yourself.

Along with our strong mission, The Original Mattress Factory was founded on a nine-point Philosophy. This philosophy expresses the principles and virtues on which our company is based and serves to continually guide and remind our employees to always strive for excellence, act with integrity and produce products of value that are built right and built to last.

The Original Mattress Factory Philosophy:

  1. We strive for excellence in all we do.
  2. We will not compromise our integrity for any reason.
  3. We care about our customers, and recognize The Original Mattress Factory’s reason for existence is to provide them with a product of value and to treat them with courtesy.
  4. Create a win/win situation in everything we do.
  5. Reward our employees consistent with their contribution.
  6. Provide opportunities for our employees to learn and grow.
  7. Focus only on what is needed to run the business.
  8. Listen to others.
  9. Take good care of the company and in turn it will take care of us.