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The Importance
of Sleep

Get a Good Night’s Sleep. You’ve earned it.

Sleep is essential to our overall health and well-being. By allowing our minds and bodies to rest, we wake up ready to tackle the day ahead. Sleep can have an impact on everything from our appearance and physical ability, to our attitude and mental prowess. When we sleep well, we have an increased ability to:

  • Learn
  • Organize, retain and recover memories
  • Make decisions
  • Interact socially
  • Process emotions
  • Maintain a strong and healthy immune system
  • Develop physically and mentally

When we don't get a sufficient amount of quality sleep, we tend to perform inadequately in all areas. We feel tired, frustrated, moody and unmotivated. We are also increasingly unable to function properly and tend to suffer from:

  • Poor judgment
  • Poor performance at work, school, sports or other activities
  • Impaired memory, concentration and learning ability
  • Poor coordination
  • Impaired driving ability
  • Anxiety, depression and other emotional problems
  • Irritability

Insufficient sleep over time leads to the accumulation of a “sleep debt.” This type of sleep deprivation can have serious long-term effects leading to health problems, obesity and hyperactivity. The best way to avoid accumulating a “sleep debt” is to make sleep a priority each and every day. If you wake up feeling refreshed, you are probably sleeping enough. If not, you need to adjust your sleeping habits.

See our Sleep Tips for more information and start sleeping right!