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Buying a Mattress

Different brands, models and prices often make buying a mattress an overwhelming experience. Don’t let yourself get exhausted or confused! First determine your priorities, then start to shop. Knowing what you're looking for is important, while the process for choosing a mattress may be the same for everyone, priorities vary with individuals. 

Experience More Than Just A Mattress Store . . . Experience An Original.

Consider these four key points when beginning your mattress search:



Comfort refers to the feel of the mattress. The level of support, upholstery layers and size of the mattress all contribute to its overall comfort.

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A good mattress will gently support you, while keeping your spine in the same posture as if you were standing. Good support is an important factor to sleeping well,

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Durability is determined by the quality of the mattress, degree of use, weight of sleepers, and proper care. That's why we manufacture two sided mattresses, enabling our mattresses to stay comfortable for longer. Using the matching box spring can help to increase the durability of your mattress.

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When it comes to price, you should strive to be an educated mattress consumer. You won't be as easily fooled by the name games and pricing gimmicks used by the mattress industry and will likely find better value. We believe that while a good mattress may cost more, your sleep health is more than worth it.

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