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Custom-Size Mattresses

Because we hand build all of our mattresses and box springs in our own factory, we are able to make mattresses in nearly any shape and size for you. We make mattresses for boats, RVs, antique beds, hospital mattresses, and more.


Special size mattresses

In addition to all of the standard sizes, we can make mattresses and box springs in common special sizes.

California king 72" 84"
California queen 60" 84"
Short queen 60" 75"
 Super single** 46.5" 81"
 Three-quarter 48" 75"
 Three-quarter short 48" 72"
 Twin extra long 38" 80"
 Full extra long 53" 80"

* Length and width dimensions for custom size mattresses and box springs have a tolerance of ± 1.5”.

* Please note that while we will make just about any size you request, you may have trouble finding sheets and other bedding to fit your custom mattress and box spring. There are catalogs that sell many special size sheets. You may also buy a flat sheet for a size larger than your custom mattress and tuck it under.

** A standard super single is approximately 48" x 84". At The Original Mattress Factory, our Super Single finishes at approximately 46.5" x 81", with a tolerance of + 1.5". This smaller size makes is easier to put on sheets and make the bed.

Antique bed mattresses

Antique beds often require mattresses in some of these less-common sizes. Mattresses and box springs for an antique bed may also need corner cuts to accommodate the bed’s posters.


RV and boat mattresses

RVs and boats often require custom mattresses designed to fit in unique spaces.

RV mattresses often have corner cuts and/or are shorter than standard sizes to help accommodate the tight quarters. We can turn nearly any of our innerspring mattresses into a custom RV mattress.

For boat mattresses, we can custom build a foam mattress in nearly any shape. We can use your current boat mattress as a template to ensure a good fit.


Other specialty custom mattresses and box springs

If you need a custom mattress or box spring, there’s a good chance we can help. Here are some of the other options we can offer:

  • Antique bed mattresses
  • Truck mattresses
  • Camper mattresses/RV queens
  • Waterbed replacement mattresses
  • Sleeper sofa mattresses
  • Hospital mattresses
  • Rollaway mattresses
  • Adjustable bed replacement mattresses
  • Custom-size mattresses for big and tall sleepers
  • Box spring build-ups
  • Bunk boards
  • 81-coil box springs
  • Low-profile box springs
  • Split box springs
  • Split, low-profile box springs
  • Corner cuts
  • Hinging (Allows the mattress to fold from head to foot for easier transport)


How to order a custom mattress from The Original Mattress Factory

Ready to get started? These orders are a bit more complex, so we want to take some time to walk you through your options. You can contact your nearest OMF store or reach out via [email protected] and we’ll put you in touch with the right team. Please include your name, location, and contact information in your email.