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Orthopedic / Serenity Box Spring

Real working modular box spring with more wire and an additional wood slat for superior support and shock absorption to help extend the life of the mattress.

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Our standard Orthopedic box spring is approximately 8 inches high and features an Amish-built wood frame with more wire and an additional wood slat for superior support. Real working torsion modules bend and flex to absorb shock and  help to extend the life of the set. Full and queen-size split box springs are available 


A good box spring will support both you and your mattress. Our box springs are built with shock-absorbing modules that work with your mattress to provide uniform support throughout your entire sleep set. Learn more about support.


Durability is determined by the quality of the box springs, degree of use, weight of sleepers, and proper care. That’s why we manufacture real working box springs built with shock-absorbing modules and quality wood frames. They truly work with your mattress and help to extend the life of the set. Learn more about durability.

Product specifications
Product Line Serenity
Product Line Orthopedic
Support 10
Durability 10
Box Spring Type Shock-absorbing Modular
Number of Slats T & F - 7 / TX & Q - 8
Module Type 4 Fold
Warranty 12 Years Non-Prorated