Factory Tour

At The Original Mattress Factory, we invite you to take a mattress factory tour of our facilities and see for yourself how we make mattresses right - right in our store®. Click below to take our virtual mattress factory tour or visit one of our 11 factory locations to take your own on site mattress factory tour. Click here to see the full tour.

Tape Edge Machine

The tape edge operation is considered to be one of the most difficult jobs in a bedding plant. The operator needs to use the tape edge machine to sew the top quilted mattress panel to the side border using a binder, walking backwards as he does so.

In the course of a day, the tape edge machine operator will walk about a mile backwards. After one side is done, the operator flips the mattress and does the other side. A two-sided pillow top style mattress needs to be sewn twice on each side.