Factory Tour

At The Original Mattress Factory, we invite you to take a mattress factory tour of our facilities and see for yourself how we make mattresses right - right in our store®. Click below to take our virtual mattress factory tour or visit one of our 11 factory locations to take your own on site mattress factory tour. Click here to see the full tour.

Building a Mattress

When building a mattress, The Original Mattress Factory follows the steps listed below:

  • A bare mattress spring is selected based on the size and model of the mattress to be built. This unit is then placed on a table that is specially designed for making mattresses.
  • A thick layer of cotton padding is placed over the coils. Cotton is used when building a mattress to enhance the durability, comfort and tailoring of the final product. Padding materials will vary based on the type of mattress that is being made (i.e. Plush, Extra Firm or Pillow Top).
  • A layer of convoluted foam is placed on top of the cotton.
  • The quilted cover sewn on the multi-needle quilt machine is then placed on top of the padding layers and attached to the coils to prevent shifting of the padded materials.
  • In building a two-sided product, the mattress is flipped and the process of layering the materials is repeated so that the padding is the same on both sides. The Original Mattress Factory offers a number of two-sided products because we believe in making mattresses with your long term comfort and durability in mind.