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Classic One Mattress

7” quality innerspring mattress hand-built with a one-sided design and hard feel.

  • Classic One Mattress Twin

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  • Classic One Mattress Full

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  • Classic One Mattress Queen

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phone icon Please understand that comfort is a personal preference. We encourage you to stop by a store and try our mattresses in person, if possible, as we do not accept returns or exchanges.

Our Classic One model features adult-level support and durability at an affordable price.  It is built with a Bonnell innerspring system and has a one-sided design.  Compressed cotton padding and approximately .75” of foam create a hard feel.  


Comfort refers to the feel of the mattress. *For example, our "OrthoEuroTop" is softest at 3.8 and the "Ortho Ultra Firm" is hardest at 10.0 on the above comfort scale. The level of support, upholstery layers and size of the mattress all contribute to its overall comfort. Learn more about comfort.


Durability is determined by the quality of the mattress, degree of use, weight of sleepers, and proper care. That's why we manufacture two sided mattresses, enabling our mattresses to stay comfortable for longer. Using the matching box spring can help to increase the durability of your mattress. Learn more about durability.


A good mattress will gently support you, while keeping your spine in the same posture as if you were standing. Good support is an important factor to sleeping well. Learn more about support.

Product specifications
Product Line Classic
Type Innerspring
Design One-Sided
Mattress Thickness 7” (Tolerance ± .5”)
Comfort 7.2
Support 5
Durability 3
Cotton Blended Cotton Pad
Total Foam Upholstery .75"
Innerspring Unit Type Bonnell Coil
Coil Count (All Sizes) T - 216 / F - 312 / Q - 390 / K - 468
Coil Gauge / # of Turns 13 ga. / 5 T
Edge Supports 6 ga. Border Rod
Handles No
Warranty 10 Years Prorated