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Classic Mattresses & Box Springs

Classic Mattresses & Box Springs

Our Classic mattresses and box springs offer good support and durability at an affordable price. There are four Classic models available, all of which feature a Bonnell innerspring system and real working modular box springs that provide support and shock absorption.

Mattress Thickness:
8” - 10.5” (Tolerance of ± ½”)
10 Years Prorated

Mattress Components:

The Classic models use a selection of the following materials depending on your comfort choice. The Classic, Classic Luxury Firm and Classic Plush are padded equally on both sides of the mattress. The Classic EuroTop has padding on one side only and cannot be flipped.

size coil count
Twin 216
Full 312
Queen 390
King 468
All Classic comfort choices, except for Classic Eurotop are
padded equally on both sides of the mattress.
Classic EuroTop which has has padding on one side only and
cannot be flipped.
  • "Classic" Innerspring:  13 Gauge Knotted Bonnell Coil with 5 Turns and a 6 Gauge Border Rod
  • Convoluted Polyurethane Foam Topper
  • Supersoft Polyurethane Foam Topper
  • Blended Cotton Felt Insulator Pads and Synthetic Fiber Pads
  • FR Innerliner or FR Fiber
  • Quilted Panel Featuring a Damask Fabric

Box Spring Components:

  • Amish Built Wood Frames ~ featuring 1 x 4 side slats and 1 x 3 cross slats
  • Blended Cotton Felt Insulator Pad
  • Skid Resistant Fabric Cover
  • Torsion Grid Modules ~ provide shock absorption and durability
  • Special Sinuous Wire Springs ~ provide added corner strength
  • Hand-Tailored Box Spring Cover

* Note: Set price includes mattress and box spring. We will sell mattresses and box springs separately, but please note that they are designed to work together. If you do not purchase a matching set, you may shorten the life and/or alter the comfort of your new mattress.